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hi , my name is jason collins, hence the j.c. in the name the weird part is i have the nickname of elroy from the jetsons cartoon which has stuck with me so long i cant shake, and i use it more than my real name. introductions out of the way, i'm just a regular guy doing woodwork in aurora colorado, home of the rocky mountains. with a lot of the devestation from the beetles in the forests, these little critters leave some really cool looking grains and colors in the fallen pine treess. These are what almost all of the handmade gifts are made from. In alot of the home projects I try to incorperate the local woods and make them sweet. I have a wife who's a teacher and 2 boys, and they all pitch in sometimes from sweeping and painting to running a booth at the local market.

I also invite you to follow on your favorite social networks, I keep some more up to date then others but I love your support anywhere.

If you ever have any questions for a project, or to say hello and  let me know that somebody is reading this sort of about me stuff, feel free to shoot an email or use the contact info section. don't worry, i'm not into crappy junk mail either and would never sell your email address or info to anybody, thats just dumb.




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